The Team


Suzanne Visser has practiced mindfulness for over 30 years (with teachers in Japan, the Netherlands, England, Belgium, the USA and Australia) not only through meditation, but also through Japanese calligraphy, drawing and body work. 

Her practice contains elements of Vipassana, Zen, Therevada, and the Headless Way.

She has worked with groups and individuals in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Japan and Australia.

Mindfulness has been discovered now in the West too as an effective tool for  well-being. Coupled with Western therapy it is an absolute winner and here to stay.

Suzanne lives in Alice Springs, Australia, and cares deeply about the place. 

Suzanne has written a book for those who really want to jump in the deep end of the experience:

I, Unborn and undying, a Search for the Self

You can buy it from Amazon.

Another book is afoot.


Counselling psychologist Phil Walcott is the initial creator and designer of the YESNT project. He worked in the NT with various agencies and in private practice for 25 years.

Phil firmly believes that, with courage, conviction and compassion, the people of the Northern Territory have the capacity to engage with the proces of positive social engagement, social enterprise and proactive change for the present and future generations of Territorians. 

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Suzanne's relevant qualifications:

Bachelor of Laws 

Post grad diploma Practical Legal Training

Diploma Management and Leadership

Diploma Counselling 

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Bachelor of Social Sciences 

Diploma Japanese Language 

Diploma of Body Work

Ochre card

Recent police check

Marilyn Sonsie Okeefe studied yoga at the Gitaschool of Yoga in Melbourne, under Margrit Segesman, who practised a strict classical Hatha style. Magrit’s book The Wings of Power became the corner stone of Marilyn's yoga practice.

Later she studied with the Sydney based Swami Saraswati the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Marilyn taught yoga in Port Pirie SA, Esperance, and Carnarvon WA, Darwin and Alice Springs NT, where she also coached in gymnastics.  The YMCA in Alice Springs named a studio  after her.

For the last 10 years Marilyn has been teaching yoga and health to marginalised women in Indonesia for the ROLE Foundation twice a year.

In 2012 she opened YogaWay Yoga and Meditation Studio.  

Marilyn is currently finishing an Associate Degree in Health and Community Care.

"Yoga is not just about stretching; is an embodied practice in self awareness. It creates deep personal insights, that are then transferred off your yoga mat into your life.

Asana (positions) work is self awareness in action; the ability to become proactive rather than reactive. By recognising and decreasing unhealthy behaviour, we don’t put extra demands on our cellular body.

Yoga is about balancing; alignment; bringing your body back to neutral; about strength and the ability to recruit muscle fibres to keep bones strong and healthy; about emotional health; about breathing well and stretching properly and about being aware, awake to the consequence of our actions."


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