Workshop Mindful Communication

At Yogaway Yoga and Meditation Centre at 20 Kidman Street

Thursdays 6pm - ongoing

For adults and children from 10 years old 

a total of 25 hours of pure communication power in blocks of 5

an hour consists of:

Opening guided meditation


Closing meditation



Silence is your friend

Active Listening



Yarn, dialogue, discussion, quarrel and debate

Non verbal communication

Smart with smartphones 

Social media
Listen carefully 

Be a positive speaker
Use the power of words
Everyone communicates differently

Ingredients for good communication
Talk logically

Alert to assumptions
Prevent swerving
Avoid wild words

Parenting an adult child that is hurt and the word BUT


Debate without emotions
Remember the end

You can jump on the bandwagon at any time as the lessons are ongoing.

Bookings are essential:

0448 08 2312


$15 per lesson pp

$5 per extra family member

Concession: $ 15 per family 

Card of 5 lessons:

$60 pp

family members $4

Card of 10 lessons:

$100 pp

Family members $3

Card of 15 lessons

$140 pp

Family members $2

Card of 20 lessons

$190 pp

Family members $1

Card of 25 lessons

$210 pp

Family members: free (up to 2)

Early birds: $200

Bank details:

Youth Engagement Strategy  

BSB: 633 000 

Account number: 162195846

Code: Mindf

Due to Covid restrictions please bring your own chair

You can start anywhere in the cycle of lessons, as they will repeat